Jade Brown
Anxiety Wellness Coach

Do you suffer with anxiety?


Social anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, health anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, stress, travel anxiety…


What they all have in common is that they turn on the fight or flight response. Putting us into a high state of alert leading to symptoms such as shortness of breath, brain fog, light headiness, sweating, lack of appetite, intrusive thoughts, heart palpitations…


Our bodies speak to us before our mind catches up. 


We don’t want you to just manage these symptoms, manage anxiety and be able to just 'live with it.' We want you to completely transform your life and feel free, centred, calm, happy, healthy and in control.

Want to start your healing today?


"I was never very open minded with what could help me with my anxiety however jade made me feel extremely comfortable to be able to try new ways to help me."



Meet Jade

Anxiety Coach, Breath Work Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Hypnotist and Holistic Health Advocate.

Jade has gone on a  journey of healing herself, and is now passionate about guiding others through theirs. 

"I have the experience and tools to support you every step of the way and we can make the changes you desire literally overnight. You get to choose how you feel."

How Can I Help?

1:1  6 Session Programme 

This is all you need to complete the changes you want and feel amazing...yes really! 

Through a combination of hypnotherapy,  subconscious reprogramming, coaching, body and energy work tailored to you.


Breathwork Sessions


Included in the programme but also offered separately and as frequent as you like. Breathwork was a transformative part of Jade's journey, and has been for her clients.