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Welcome to Jade Brown Wellness

A new approach to healing for your emotional, mental & physical wellbeing

Therapeutic Breathwork & Emotional Empowerment Mentoring guiding you to optimal wellness.

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Do you find yourself wrestling with challenges that seem too daunting to overcome?

Emotional turmoil, frequent illnesses, hormonal imbalances, shortness of breath, gut issues and a sense of being perpetually on edge can leave you feeling disconnected from your own essence. 


When our bodies and minds send us these signals, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, as if we’re locked in a battle with our own selves. But amidst these struggles, there lies a profound opportunity for growth and healing.

Feeling like traditional therapy just isn't cutting it anymore?
You're not alone.

I specialise in therapeutic breathwork, amongst other holistic therapies, offering a personalised approach that goes beyond the norm.

Say goodbye to waiting lists and generic treatments – it's time for something tailored to you.


It's more than just a session – I support you on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Together, we'll release emotional barriers, reprogramme your subconscious, recalibrate your nervous system and revitalise your breath and energy.

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Hi, I'm Jade.

Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner,
Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapist,
Anxiety Specialist & Mentor

I understand this journey intimately and have walked this path, not just personally, but alongside many who have come to me for support.  I have witnessed the transformation that unfolds when all aspects of our being are nurtured. 

From a traumatic childhood to confronting personal battles with addiction, anxiety, and health issues such as dysregulated nervous, immune, hormonal and gut imbalance, along with lack of purpose in my life...

My journey led me to a pivotal realisation: true wellness extends beyond conventional approaches and quick fixes.


 I've developed a healing approach that enables me to provide tailored solutions, offering not only immediate relief but also  sustainable well-being. My mission is to guide you toward a life where you thrive, not just survive.


"Just one session with Jade can clear the fog that you're stuck in enough to see the light. I mean it literally too, when you open your eyes the world will look more vibrant and colorful and it gives you a great opportunity to grow and learn and heal. I have a lot of healing to do and a lot of pain to resolve and it gives me so much comfort to know I can always keep coming back to Jade to keep me on the right path. When you meet her you feel safe and held and know that whatever happens in that time you are with her that you will be okay and she will help you through whatever comes up.

If you've been on the edge and drowning and can't see any way out this could be the answer for you like it was for me. If every hurting person I know would try a breathwork session with Jade I know their lives would be so much better. I couldn't recommend her more."


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1-1 Sessions

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1-1 Breathwork

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