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Welcome to Jade Brown Wellness.

 Anxiety Mentor and Coach

A new approach to healing, from a mind, body, spirit perspective. So you won't have to look any further. 

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Is anxiety controlling your life? 

Do you get ill often and have a weak immune system?

Hormonal imbalances? 

Suffer with gut issues such as IBS?


Struggling to catch your breath?


Body in a constant state of fight or flight?


Does your mind feel like your enemy?


Do you get overwhelmed easily and go into meltdown, breakdown or shutdown?


Are you lost and have a lack of purpose in your life?


Does the world feel like it's working against you rather then for you?


Is your self esteem low and have people pleasing traits?

Highly sensitive to other people's emotional states?


Do you struggle to sleep and feel exhausted in the day?

Attention and concentration problems?

Are you playing small in life and not going to the places you really want to go, having the social interactions you would like, being who you want to be at work?

"I have struggled with all of these in my life and so have the people who come to work with me. Which is why people are amazed in just 6 sessions they have completely transformed. This is because in the programme we cover mind, body and spirit. So there’s no stone left unturned. You are a multi dimensional being so don’t expect one type of healing will get the results you want. This is why a lot of people come to me after they have already been to therapy for years and tried other forms of healing.  I make it super simple for you so you don’t need to exhaust yourself and finances looking elsewhere. " Jade.

Jade's mission on this planet is to show you that you can live a life free from suffering at any age and at any time in your life. Whether it's social anxiety, generalised anxiety, health anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress, travel anxiety or a dysregulated nervous system.

You get to choose how to think, feel and behave. You get to create your own reality and live your fullest potential.

You don’t have to just manage and keep anxiety at bay. You can completely transform your life and feel free, centred, calm, happy, healthy and in control.

Want to start your healing today?


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1-1 Sessions

Overcome anxiety and live your fullest potential in just 6 sessions using a perfect triangle of treatment.

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1-1 Breathwork

Learn to use your most valuable resource to change the way you think, feel and behave.

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Group Breathwork

Group Workshops held at Flowstone Studio in Maidstone. 

Monday's 6.30-7.30pm every fortnight.

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Meet Jade

Trauma Informed Anxiety Mentor & Coach, Remedial Hypnotist and Breathwork Practitioner. Using her expertise on Somatic Therapy and Energy Work as the foundation.

Jade is a Holistic Health Advocate and has gone on a profound healing journey herself. She is now passionate about guiding others through theirs. 

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