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1:1 Programme 

Each session we concentrate on one of the following areas -


Mind - Includes subconscious reprogramming using a non-trance method of hypnotherapy called the CONTROL system. We will get clear on the pattern thats turning this anxiety response on. What is activating it and keeping you stuck there. What beliefs, thoughts, behaviours are triggering these.  Our subconscious is responsible for this change and you can change your story so that you are free to write your own, and feel in control of how you respond to life. This is also where you will gain understanding around anxiety, as knowledge has power to make those changes. This is all done in a compassionate therapy based setting, were you will feel seen, heard and understood.


Body -  Includes somatic healing, nervous system regulation, diet, gut health and movement.

You will be safely guided through a somatic process to heal through your body. Allowing you to access your emotions and root of them. The foundation of this session is to teach you how to regulate your own nervous system so you have those tools for life. This will enable you to start listening to your body and attending to its needs to run optimally. You have the opportunity to gain any advice on lifestyle changes that might assist you in feeling your best, from gut health to hormones.


Spirit - Includes mindfulness, energy awareness, reiki, meditation, grounding, purpose, intuition and human design. You will learn how to attune to your own energy and how to live your life from your heart, connect to your soul and build a strong connection with your intuition.

The session will go through some key elements to creating freedom and peace within, from cultivating gratitude, setting boundaries and manifestation. You will learn the the art of creating your reality so that you get to leave the programme knowing that you have everything you need within.


Breath - A full rebirthing breathwork session and breathwork tools. Your life will change once you start to breath optimally. With anxiety (and tbh most people) are chest breathing, holding their breath and in turn suppressing their emotions. After this session you will start to free up your entire being with new life force energy, Prana. You will be re-connected to your most valuable resource, empowering you to feel how you want, to improve your health and achieve what you want in life

 What's Included

  • 6 weekly Zoom Sessions  - 60-90 minutes long

  • Voxer (voice and text) support with Jade throughout the programme

  • Written up plans and cheat sheets following the session

  • Free resources - Meditations, somatic practices, breathing exercises, yoga and other supportive content.

  • Recommendations to other services, people, books and content


Jade wanted to provide people with a 1-1 programme that’s only 6 sessions to help you not only heal anxiety, but come into alignment and change your life completely. Her aim is for you process the thoughts and emotions fuelling anxiety. Start to develop a loving relationship with your mind, body and spirt and feel more connected to the world around you, living mindfully and with intention.

You will not only make these huge shifts in the session, but will also be shown how to take practical and simple steps to improve your mind, body, spirit and your life whilst being lovingly supported the whole way. You will end the programme feeling empowered to create the reality you desire.

“It's a very unique service I offer which comes from my own life experience, and trust me when I say I am dedicated to living with integrity, so I wouldn’t be here offering this without putting in 100% dedication and seeing the results. Part of why I love doing what I do is because I get to be part of a big transition period in your life. One I am sure you will look back on fondly knowing that even though it was vulnerable and tough, it taught you so much and put you on your highest timeline, living your fullest potential."

So if you are willing to take this journey and fully commit to yourself, then get in touch and we will arrange a free consultation to see if its right for you.


6 Session's to change your life

When mind, body and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result. Deepak Chopra
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3 sessions using non-trance method of hypnotherapy called the CONTROL system to communicate directly to your subconscious and change thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. 

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1 session using somatic therapy and nervous system self regulation tools . We also touch on physical health and well-being from nutrition, gut health, movement and self care.

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1 session on mindful living, boundary setting, energy awareness, gratitude and other important practices. Optional 20 minute Reiki taster and Human Design reading.

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1 full rebirthing breathwork session to release tension, anxiety and stagnant energy in the body. Tap into your own healing system, gain clarity and a deeper connection with yourself.




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