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1:1 Programme 

Each session we concentrate on one of the following areas -


Mind - Through a non-trance hypnotherapy method known as the CONTROL system, we explore the patterns triggering your anxiety response. Uncover what activates and keeps you stuck, identifying the beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that perpetuate it. Your subconscious holds the key to change, allowing you to rewrite your story and regain control over how you respond to life. This process unfolds in a compassionate therapeutic setting, ensuring you feel seen, heard, and understood while gaining valuable insights into anxiety..


Body - This session incorporates somatic therapy, nervous system regulation, dietary guidance, gut health insights, and movement. Safely guided through a somatic process, you'll access and heal emotions at their roots. Learn to regulate your own nervous system, acquiring tools for a lifetime. This newfound awareness enables you to listen to your body's needs, optimizing its functionality. Receive advice on lifestyle changes, from gut health to hormonal balance, empowering you to feel your best.

Spirit - Embracing mindfulness, energy awareness, reiki, meditation, grounding techniques, discussions on purpose, intuition, and insights from human design, this session teaches you to attune to your energy. Discover how to live from your heart, connect with your soul, and fortify your intuition. Key elements covered include cultivating gratitude, setting boundaries, and manifestation, offering tools to create inner freedom and peace. Leave the program empowered, knowing you possess everything you need within.


Breath - Experience a transformative rebirthing breathwork session, gain breathwork tools and receive energy healing. Optimal breathing initiates a profound change in your life. Many tend to chest-breathe, hold their breath, and suppress emotions. Following this session, you'll unleash new life force energy, Prana, reconnecting with your most valuable resource. Empowered to shape how you feel, enhance your health, and achieve your life's aspirations.

 What's Included

  • 6 weekly Zoom Sessions  - 60-90 minutes long

  • Voxer or Whatsapp (voice and text) support with Jade throughout the programme

  • Written up plans following the session

  • Free resources - Meditations, somatic practices, breathing exercises, yoga and other supportive content.

  • Recommendations to other services, people, books and content


Jade envisioned a 1-1 program comprising just six sessions, not merely focused on healing anxiety but dedicated to guiding you toward alignment and a complete life transformation. The goal is to navigate the thoughts and emotions fueling anxiety, fostering a journey toward developing a nurturing relationship with your mind, body, and spirit. Through this process, you'll cultivate a deeper connection to the world, embracing mindful living with intention.

In these sessions, monumental shifts occur, not only addressing the roots of anxiety but providing practical, straightforward steps to enhance your mind, body, spirit, and overall life. Throughout this transformative journey, you'll experience unwavering support, ensuring you feel loved and guided every step of the way. By the end of the program, you'll emerge empowered, ready to shape the reality you truly desire.

“It's a very unique service I offer which comes from my own life experience, and trust me when I say I am dedicated to living with integrity, so I wouldn’t be here offering this without putting in 100% dedication and seeing the results. Part of why I love doing what I do is because I get to be part of a big transition period in your life. One I am sure you will look back on fondly knowing that even though it was vulnerable and tough, it taught you so much and put you on your highest timeline, living your fullest potential."

So if you are willing to take this journey and fully commit to yourself, then get in touch and we will arrange a free consultation to see if its right for you.


6 Session's to change your life

When mind, body and spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result. Deepak Chopra
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3 sessions using non-trance method of hypnotherapy called the CONTROL system to communicate directly to your subconscious and change thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. 

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1 session using somatic therapy and nervous system self regulation tools . We also touch on physical health and well-being from nutrition, gut health, movement and self care.

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1 session on mindful living, boundary setting, energy awareness, gratitude and other important practices. Optional 20 minute Reiki taster and Human Design reading.

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1 full rebirthing breathwork and energy healing session to release tension, anxiety and stagnant energy in the body. Tap into your own healing system, gain clarity and a deeper connection with yourself.




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