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Jade's Story

Jade has felt called to focus on helping others heal from anxiety after living through an unsafe childhood and unhappy teenage years, she later on experienced high levels of anxiety herself. Already passionate about finding answers to self healing when having gut issues, she intuitively knew there were alternative and long term ways to heal ourselves that we aren’t readily aware of.


With this curiosity and dedication, not only did she completely set herself free from anxiety, her life improved in all areas of the mind, body and spirit. She believes when looking at all aspects of our being, we can not only feel empowered in our healing, but thrive and live life to fullest.


Jade is a trained trauma informed Remedial Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Master and Somatic Therapist and is passionate about helping others with compassion and integrity. Which is why she is continually developing her skills, knowledge and her own personal development.



Jade knew she wanted to offer a more structured way of working with the mind as part of her services, and that is when she was led to the CONTROL system, a unique method of hypnotherapy to reprogram the subconscious mind. She is proud to use this as the core of her work.

Working as a supervisor in local government, having her own vegan bakery business and doing hair and make up for weddings she has loved working with people in various walks of life. Even from her own friends reaching out to her for advice, she became aware of this shared suffering so many people go through and knows we are here to be thriving, not just trying to survive!


She loves to be part of someone's journey and is excited to work with anyone who wants to make a change.


Having experienced high levels anxiety myself and my determination to always find the healthiest long term solution, I have spent years studying, adding to my skill set and integrating everything I teach into my own life. I am now able to combine all this knowledge and experience to provide a quick, empowering and long term solution to anxiety. I am always overjoyed every time I see a client amazed with the changes made by the end of the 6 sessions!

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