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Jade's Story

Jade's journey of healing from anxiety began with a deep sense of purpose forged from a traumatic childhood and tumultuous teenage years. Having navigated her way through high levels of anxiety, she was already on a passionate quest for self-healing, particularly in addressing health, hormonal and gut issues. Intuitively, she sensed there were alternative, long-term paths to healing that remained largely unexplored.


Driven by curiosity, unwavering dedication and strong connection to her higher self, Jade not only liberated herself from anxiety but witnessed a transformative improvement across the realms of mind, body, and spirit. Her conviction is that by comprehensively addressing all facets of our being, we not only empower our healing but also thrive, embracing life to its fullest.


As a trauma-informed Remedial Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Facilitator, Energy Healer, and Somatic Therapist, Jade approaches her work with boundless compassion and unwavering integrity. Committed to ongoing growth, she continually refines her skills, expands her knowledge, and invests in her personal development.

Jade's quest for a structured approach to mind-focused services led her to the CONTROL system, a unique hypnotherapy method for subconscious mind reprogramming, which now serves as the cornerstone of her 6 session programme.

Lately, Jade has been deepening her connection to her spiritual gifts. Her heightened ability to sense clients and offer energy healing has evolved her breathwork sessions into a distinct modality. This unique approach intertwines conscious connected breathwork, somatic therapy, and energy healing for a holistic experience. Additionally, Jade collaborates with another gifted healer who works with light language, enriching the depth of 2-1 sessions for those who feel drawn to explore further. 


Having worn diverse professional hats—supervisor in local government, owner of a vegan bakery, hair and makeup artist for weddings, social media/content creator—Jade's varied experiences have enriched her understanding of people from all walks of life. Whether offering advice to friends or working in various capacities, she recognised a shared struggle among many—a collective journey toward thriving rather than mere survival.


Having experienced high levels anxiety myself and my determination to always find the healthiest long term solution, I have spent years studying, adding to my skill set and integrating everything I teach into my own life. I am now able to combine all this knowledge and experience to provide a quick, empowering and long term solution to anxiety. I am always overjoyed every time I see a client amazed with the changes made by the end of the 6 sessions!

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