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Our bodies are always speaking to us, if we just listen to the whispers it won’t need to shout so Loud.

The saying "you have to feel it to heal it" perfectly encapsulates the essence of somatic therapy.

I understand that when you're in experiencing anxiety, the last place you want to explore is your body. But therein lies the issue. We've learned to dissociate from our bodies, forcing them to communicate more loudly, overwhelming our nervous systems. The aim of this session is to begin the process of unloading and returning to a clearer, more peaceful state.

Unlike attempting to heal solely with our conscious minds—which, without the subconscious reprogramming done in the program, can be incredibly challenging, given anxiety's roots in the survival response (sympathetic nervous system)—somatic therapy dives deeper. Talk therapies like CBT and counseling may fall short because they don't tap into the full power of the subconscious mind or the body for healing.

The key is meeting ourselves at the body level and communicating safety to switch off the survival response, returning to a calm, centered, and regulated state (parasympathetic nervous system).

Here's what you'll gain from this invaluable session:

  1. Creating Safety and Grounding:

    • Establishing a sense of safety and grounding, we delve into the identified pattern from the outset.

  2. Exploring Body Responses:

    • Triggering the pattern through imagination or repeating a negative belief, we explore what's happening within your body and any arising feelings.

  3. Root Exploration:

    • Inviting exploration of the root of the feeling, including potential inner child work. Sometimes, addressing a missing experience from the past allows us to fully process trauma and emotions, freeing us from their grip.

  4. Continuous Regulation:

    • Throughout, we regulate your body back to safety, ensuring the process is manageable. Checking in and guiding you through any overwhelming moments is a crucial aspect of this journey.

  5. Integration and Growth:

    • The body processes what it needs to, the conscious mind returns with a potentially shifted perspective. Lessons, new beliefs, and adaptive responses emerge, aiding in healing and personal growth.

Through this entire session, I'll be attentive to ensure it's not overwhelming for you. Keeping my body in a state of safety and connection communicates the same to yours, as our bodies are in constant communication.

Post-process, we briefly explore other factors contributing to anxiety within the body. Reconnecting with our bodies, listening to their needs, and providing the right conditions for thriving contribute significantly to your healing journey. Even aspects like gut health, often referred to as our second brain, play a pivotal role in influencing our emotions and digestive system.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Somatic therapy

  • Physical health

  • Hormones

  • Diet/Gut health

  • Supplements/Herbs

  • Movement

  • Practices

  • Sleep

This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic exploration of your well-being, addressing the interconnected facets of mind, body, and spirit.

"Some of my first resources I ever made before professionally training in somatic therapy guide you in how to become fully present with your body and your feelings. Self soothing was a natural antidote for me when I was experiencing anxiety and I soon became confident in my abilities to hold myself and let it pass through me. This in itself stops you feeling anxious because you have faith in your own inner resources and anxiety becomes something to learn from, not fear. You release all that unwanted energy and any blocks within the body and are left feeling calm. My signature ‘feel calm practice’ you will receive in the programme"

Jade Brown

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