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Our bodies are always speaking to us, if we just listen to the whispers it won’t need to shout so Loud

The saying you have to feel it to heal it…this is what somatic therapy is about.

I know the body is the last place you feel like going to when you are experiencing anxiety, but that's the problem. We learn to dissociate from our bodies so it has to communicate louder to us and our nervous systems get's overloaded. Through this session you will start to unload and return to a clearer and peaceful state. 


Instead of trying to heal with our conscious mind, which without subconscious reprogramming that we do in the programme, it is very hard as anxiety is a survival response (sympathetic nervous system). The rational thinking brain disconnects. That’s why you might not be aware as to why we are experiencing all this activation and might just feel it in your body. 

This is why talk therapies such as CBT and counselling aren't very successful as it isn't using the subconscious mind or the body to heal.


We need to meet ourselves at the level of the body and communicate safety to it to switch this response off and return back to a calm, centered and regulated state (parasympathetic nervous system). 


These are the valuable skills you will learn in this session!


- Once that safety has been created and you feel grounded enough, we explore that pattern which we are clear about at the start of session 1.

- We trigger this by thinking of the pattern and using your imagination, or repeating a negative belief. 

- You then get to explore what is happening within your body and any feelings that may arise.

- You are then invited to explore the root of the feeling and explore any inner child work that might need to be done. Sometimes it's a missing experience that created this response and when we can go back and give ourselves what we needed at that time, we can then process that trauma, those emotions fully and let it leave us for good.

- Throughout this always regulating your body back to safety and checking in with what you are experiencing. 

-The body will be able to process what it needs to, the conscious mind will return and maybe have a different outlook. From this you can take any lessons, new beliefs or ways of responding that will help you heal and grow.

Thought this whole session I will be checking in and making sure it is not too overwhelming for you. I will be keeping my body in a state of safety and connection which will help your body do the same as our bodies are always communicating to each other


After this process we briefly explore any thing else that could be creating anxiety within the body. Connecting back to our bodies through listening to it and providing the right conditions it needs to thrive will contribute to your healing journey. Even our gut health plays a big part in how we feel, it is our second brain as 95% of our serotonin is made and our enteric nervous system is here. This is why we feel emotions in our stomach and can affect our digestive system.

What we cover in this session

- Somatic therapy

- Physical health

- Hormones

- Diet/Gut health

- Supplements/Herbs

- Movement

- Practices

- Sleep

"Some of my first resources I ever made before professionally training in somatic therapy guide you in how to become fully present with your body and your feelings. Self soothing was a natural antidote for me when I was experiencing anxiety and I soon became confident in my abilities to hold myself and let it pass through me. This in itself stops you feeling anxious because you have faith in your own inner resources and anxiety becomes something to learn from, not fear. You release all that unwanted energy and any blocks within the body and are left feeling calm. My signature ‘feel calm practice’ you will receive in the programme"

Jade Brown

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