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Anxiety has the power to transform your life. What you perceive as your greatest weakness is in fact teaching you how to be the best version of yourself.

Anxiety can appear in our life when we are out of balance with our spirit, not aligned with our purpose, when we forget we are more than our thoughts and this physical body.


When we tap into this deeper level of our existence we can see the bigger picture and anxiety dissolves.

What benefits are there?

  • Gain purpose - focusing on what’s important means we focus less on what’s not and eliminate stress.

  • Increase meaning to life - when events positive or negative happen you can look at them in a meaningful way and find the lessons.

  • Empowerment - Instead of feeling like a victim and feeling at the mercy of everything else. 

  • Release control - you feel supported and part of something greater, taking the pressure off we put on ourselves.

  • Connect to the world around you - connecting to something larger than ourselves self obsessed fears dissolve and the ego is no longer the centre of attention.

  • Self love - if you knew how valuable you are in this world and that you are here for a reason you wouldn't question your self worth.

  • Gratitude - you see and appreciate life on a whole new scale.

  • Healthier life - you cope with stress better and you strive to look after yourself more.

  • Better relationships - you can relate to people on a deeper level through empathy, compassion and love.

  • Deeper level of control over anxiety - everything thing can be a tool and assist us rather than against us.

What we cover in this session

- Energy

- Intuition

- Purpose

- Manifestation

- Gratitude

- Practices

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