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Once your mind is struck with a new idea it never goes back to it's original position. 

Feel anxious for no reason?

Are you tired of feeling fearful?

Are you unable to fully relax?

Intrusive thoughts and an overactive mind?


Or even feeling out of control?

You have the power to change all this.

'I have successful helped many people go from feeling like anxiety is ruining their life, to then feeling like they can finally breath again and lead the life they want in just a few sessions.'

In these 3 sessions a non-trance method of hypnotherapy and a system called CONTROL is used to reprogram the subconscious mind whilst you are awake and involved in the whole conversation.

What can we achieve in these sessions?

- Change any unwanted patterns of thoughts and behaviours 

- Gain a new positive understanding of anxiety

- Develop more confidence and self esteem

- Remove subconscious blocks 

- Clear any negative self talk 

- Calm a busy mind 

- Feel empowered and in control 

- See life through a new lens

- Release any inner child and trauma wounds

....Ultimately clear your anxiety and feel good.

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