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1-1 Breathwork

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How does breathwork help to heal?

In our sessions, it's not uncommon to discover that improper breathing, influenced by posture, anxiety, stress, emotional blockages, and ingrained habits, is a contributing factor to your state of being. During anxious moments, we tend to engage in shallow chest breathing, rapid breaths, and even breath-holding—an orchestra of stress signals that can intensify anxiety and trigger panic attacks. The implications of not breathing properly extend beyond stifling body functions.

By mastering the art of conscious deep breathing, expanding into the diaphragm and opening up all breathing zones, you reclaim control over your most valuable resource—your breath. This practice stimulates the vagus nerve, a powerhouse of the parasympathetic nervous system, guiding you back to a state of calm, rest, and digest.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Empowered Emotions:

    • You gain the ability to decide how you feel in each moment.

  2. Courageous Fuel:

    • Breath becomes the fuel for courage, preparing your body and mind to confront challenges with strength.

  3. Physiological Harmony:

    • Reduced amygdala activity and regulated nervous system, as the vagus nerve connects to the diaphragm, activating the rest and digest system.

  4. Safety Signaling:

    • The breath becomes a tool to signal safety, turning off the anxiety response and returning to a calm, regulated state.

  5. Spiritual Connection:

    • As you connect to spirit and your heart (the seat of the soul), feelings of love, bliss, and presence serve as antidotes to anxiety.

  6. Clarity in Vision:

    • Gain clarity by seeing things more clearly, whether by switching to the rational part of your brain or gaining insights from your higher self, bringing peace and encouragement.

  7. Art of Awareness:

    • Develop the skill of awareness, extending from focused breathwork to heightened awareness in all aspects of your life, allowing you to notice subtle signs before anxiety escalates.

  8. Grounding Mechanism:

    • Experience grounding on an energetic level, allowing you to recognise when you're not grounded in daily life and take action through intentional breathwork.

  9. Facilitation of Emotional Exploration:

    • Similar to somatic therapy, breathwork creates a safe space for moving toward your feelings, allowing them to be felt, released, and healed.

What are some additional benefits?

  • Enhanced Energy Tolerance:

    • Raises your awareness and the body's tolerance of energy, making it easier to adapt to emotions and reducing triggers.

  • Brainwave Shift:

    • Shifts brainwaves from beta to alpha and even theta, decreasing negative thought patterns, stress, and depression levels.

  • Oxygen Absorption:

    • Oxygen and pranic energies are absorbed in the lungs, promoting overall cell health and well-being.

  • Cardiac Massage:

    • Fully massages cardiac muscles, abdominal organs, and increases blood flow, removing toxins and promoting an alkaline state for good health.

  • Increased Endurance:

    • Enhances endurance by controlling shortness of breath, increasing heart rate variability, and strengthening the diaphragm.

  • Focus and Attention Training:

    • Trains focus of attention, clearing the mind and optimising your ability to focus.

  • Surrender and Letting Go:

    • Encourages surrender and letting go, facilitating the release of anxious thoughts, triggers, and trauma from the subconscious.

  • Higher Consciousness Connection:

    • Attains higher levels of consciousness, deepening your connection to yourself, intuition, and embracing a life of increased joy and abundance.

What type of breathwork is it?

Jade guides you through an exploration of your own breath, incorporating various breathing, awareness, and grounding practices. This leads into Rebirthing breathwork, or Conscious Connected Breathing—an inhalation into the belly, ribs, and chest, followed by an exhale without pauses, creating a continuous, rolling wave. This gentle yet deeply powerful modality resets the body and mind, guiding you back to your optimal state of being. Sessions involve laying down with closed eyes, as Jade's guidance leads you through a personalised journey. Her unique ability to delve into energy awareness and healing enhances the experience, allowing her to tune into you and guide you even deeper into the transformative process.

Is this breathwork suitable for me?

Conscious connected breathing is suitable for any age and for various reasons, ranging from enhancing sleep to releasing trauma or managing states of anxiety or depression. It's a tool for anyone seeking to reconnect with their optimal way of breathing. However, given its potential for intense physical and emotional releases, individuals with certain health conditions—such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or severe mental illness—may need to consult their primary care physician before engaging in breathwork. Pregnant women and those with asthma are also advised to consult their healthcare provider. It's normal to experience short-term dizziness or numbness during deep breathing exercises, but if you feel uncomfortable, taking a break is encouraged.

What to expect from a session with Jade?

Embark on a transformative 90-minute session with the following enriching elements:

  1. Opening Chat:

    • Begin with a heartfelt check-in, tuning into your present state, grounding ourselves, and collectively setting intentions for the session.

  2. Breath Demonstration and Discussion:

    • Delve into a comprehensive exploration of the breath, unraveling its nuances and intricacies. Understand your current breathing pattern, and receive personalized exercises to continue at home.

  3. Channelled Music Experience:

    • Immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of personalized music, curated from a channelled source, enriching your journey and enhancing the breathwork experience (introduced near the session's conclusion).

  4. Guided Somatic Relaxation:

    • Transition into a state of relaxation as you get comfortable, lay down, and initiate a somatic conscious relaxation practice—a fully guided experience led by Jade's soothing voice.

  5. Breathwork and Energy Healing Journey:

    • Embark on a profound 45-minute breathwork and energy healing journey, accompanied by the harmonious backdrop of personalised music. Experience the transformative power of conscious connected breathing.

  6. Integration Period:

    • Ease into a 10-15 minute integration phase, allowing the transformative energies to settle and harmonise within.

  7. Post-Session Discussion:

    • Engage in a thoughtful discussion post-session, exploring the integration process and discussing long-term results. Receive valuable aftercare advice tailored to your individual journey.

  8. Resourceful Insights:

    • Benefit from a collection of valuable resources, including tailored breathing exercises sent directly to you, enhancing your ongoing practice beyond the session.

Experience the synergy of these elements, curated to provide a holistic, supportive, and enriching journey towards well-being and self-discovery.

"The journey she took me on during the breath-work session was so special to me. She held a safe space for me to completely open up and release deep emotional blockages. I felt a complete sense of peace and a shift in my energy after this. I think honestly that’s what helped me the most."


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