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Will I be awake during these sessions?


Yes you are awake and in control at all times.

Will I have to do anything outside the sessions?


No you don’t have to, the sessions we do with the mind all the work is done there. When we look into aspects of the body and spirit there will be things I will recommend but its down to you whether you implement them in your life.

Will these changes from the sessions last?


You will be given all the tools you need to maintain the positive changes that have been made so you can continue creating your own reality. 

Do I have to do all 6 sessions?


There will always need to be the 3 session on the mind, but the body, spirit and breath work sessions are all adaptable, however the reason these sessions are structured this way is for maximum long term results.

How will I feel after the sessions?


Relaxed, refreshed, some people say they feel tired. It can be a lot of new information and energy gone into the sessions and you might feel like you need to integrate them.

How will I feel after the breathwork session?

You can feel many different things as breath work sessions are different for everyone, you may feel sleepy, really relaxed, like you have released something energetically. There might have been some emotion that came up, usually followed by bliss from all the new Prana brought into your being. You might feel sensitive for a few days after as the body can still be releasing and integrating what came up, so it is important to give yourself the care, space and support you need. I will provide you with after care details.

How many breathwork sessions do I need?


Every session will be unique and different for you so it is entirely up to you how many sessions you feel you will need. I will support you if you just want to do one session or 20 sessions. I do recommend a series of sessions for you to fully experience the power of your breath and allow yourself to journey through each stage.

Will I be shown breathwork to use in my own time?

Yes, I am passionate about connecting you to your breath and I will give you techniques to take home and practice on your own. 

Are sessions confidential?


All my sessions are held in the strictest of confidence. If there is a genuine risk to life I will have to inform the appropriate emergency and safeguarding services. 

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